Saturday, April 15, 2017

Republican and Corporate Attacks on Social Security

I sent this letter recently to the Washington Post:
I was disappointed to read your attack on Social Security Disability, insurance that all workers pay for throughout their working lives. Enrollment peaked several years ago as baby boomers reached the disability-prone years before retirement, as the Social Security actuary projected a generation ago. The benefits are mostly just above minimum wage, are very difficult to qualify for and come with Medicare only two and a half years after the worker becomes disabled. Your coverage fails to reflect this essential context and appears to advance the extremist agenda to dismantle the Social Security programs and the safety net generally. In an age when families mostly depend on two earners, government tax policy, decline in pensions and savings, together with growth in corporate monopoly power have hollowed out the middle class, so Social Security Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance matters more than ever. Shame on you.

(Attorney Joseph Rattman is a Pocono Social Security Disability lawyer serving northeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley over 30 years. Phone: 570-424-6035)


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